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Debi Pettigrew

“Artistic talent is not in the hand that guides the brush, but in the ability to see things in a new way.” 

The Artist: Debi Pettigrew is a passionate artist, pastel painter and artist discovery coach. Inspired by a lifelong love for nature, she expresses her interpretations in abstract and representational styles depending on the subject matter and her stylistic preference at the time.

The Artist Discovery Coach: There is an artist is everyone. Debi helps her students awaken their inner artist and unleash their creative potential. She teaches classes and private lessons in various locations throughout central Florida.

More About Debi

Color with a Twist

Why is the sky blue?
Why do mountains appear purple from far away?
Why are sunsets so brilliant in color?
What is color anyway?

If you have ever pondered questions, you are not alone. Color is an intriguing phenomenon, easily explained by science. As a professional artist and art instructor, Debi connects the dots between science and art by using light science as a teaching tool to answer all these questions and more in Color with a Twist: Understanding the Science of Color for Artists.

Discover your inner artist!

"Pets and Peeps"

Portraits: Debi is an animal lover and advocate. She loves painting pet portraits. She also loves painting people portraits. Using your digital photos she is able to bring your pet or person to life. She is known for capturing the personality and essence of her subjects through the soulful expression of their eyes. 
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Art Discovery for Seniors

I enjoy helping seniors discover their personal forms of creative expression in the visual arts. Over the years I have learned that the desire to explore and express our natural ability to create becomes more important the older we get.

Seniors benefit from art activities in many ways. They look forward to the socialization and getting in touch with their inner artist.  They relax while keeping their minds active, and they’re amazed and proud about what they have accomplished. Most important, they have FUN!

I am experienced and skilled in conducting art discovery classes in various settings throughout Central Florida including community and activity centers including:

  • Senior Centers
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retirement Communities
  • Senior Day Care Centers
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Painting Party

All you do is invite friends to your home and serve some snacks and drinks. Send me an image you would like us to paint or I can provide one. Everyone will leave with a beautiful painting by following my easy step-by-step process.
$30 per person. All supplies and instruction included.

Call Debi to set the date!